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Easy as Pie Pizza Dough Recipe

sprouted grain dough

Chef Oliver  has created a quick & easy pizza dough recipe which you can create at home.

Oliver has used sprouted grains in this recipe as it is a flour which is easy for our bodies to digest and it adds a great flavour to your pizza base.

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Holiday Parties

This holiday season bring your colleagues and loved one’s together to EAT . DRINK . PLAY!

At Rocky Mountain Flatbread we have two delicious holiday menu options (one is a little more hands on so prepare to get floured!):

Pizza Making Party.  Prepare to get floured as you create your perfect artisan pizza.

Three Course $22 Menu.  A three course festive feast.

And to add more spice to your holiday party why not book a further unique Vancouver experience.  You can GO ARTYSY, GO ACTIVE, GO MUSICAL… Read on for some of our top holiday party ideas.

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Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

Here is a simple, nutricious & delicious smoothie to power the kids through their school day!

A nutrient-dense smoothie with all the cholesterol-lowering benefits of rolled oats, the healthy brain and skin benefits of blueberries, the potassium and magnesium of banana, the the vitamins A and C of  mixed greens.   Not only will this drink keep you satisfied like oatmeal, you’ll get a few servings of fruit and vegetables too! Read more

No Cook Summer Jam Recipes

blueberry jam


Here is a blueberry & peach & apricot summer jam recipes.  They are simple as mash, mix, enjoy!

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BBQ Peaches & Ice Cream Flatbread

Peaches & Ice Cream Flatbread

Here is a delicious flatbread recipe to enjoy the flavours of summer … peaches, basil & ice cream!  Fun to bbq with family & friends. Read more

Thank You Canadian Farmers

organic farmer 2

For Canada Day I would like to thank our Canadian Farmers & Producers who work so hard to create the produce, free range organic meats, Ocean Wise seafood, organic flours, maple syrup … allowing us to create a truly great Canadian Pizza! Read more