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Seed Projects

Seed Projects


We have a unit from Urban Stream which will allow us to compost and grow our own micro greens and herbs right at the back of our Kits restaurant!  The second Farm In A Box in the city!

This means we will not have to transport our compost off site and we can grow things like basil, arugula and mushrooms right on site – reducing our carbon footprint even more!

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Rocky Mountain Flatbread Canmore funded two school rooftop gardens. Students now have the opportunity to participate in a productive urban farm which continues to thrive in the summer months when school is out. Both students and teachers have the support of urban farmer mentors to guide them through the world of plants and support the integration of gardens & food into curriculum.

At the same time, these fertile learning spaces also provide a source of local organic food for our communities. In the summer months, surplus greens are sold at market, supporting the maintenance of the garden and programming available to students.

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