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Our frozen pizzas are perfect to pull out the freezer for a quick dinner after a busy day. You can pick them up at any health food store such as Choices, Wholefoods, Nesters or at any of our restaurants.

And I have put together a few simple nutricious (full of protein & fibre) side dishes which can be prepared in just a few minutes which perfectly balance pizza.  A Spinach & Chickpea Salad & Roasted Veggie Dish. Read more


1 1/2 cups basil  .  1/2 cup dried nettles  .  1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil  .  1/3 cup of pumpkin seeds  .  salt & pepper to taste

March is the time that green plants start to grow and offer us an array of health – and cleansing – benefits!

Spring cleaning has always been a popular activity to do in your home, and spring cleaning your body is important too!  Our bodies are bombarded by an array of “bad guys” that create a environment in our bodies that isn’t the best for optimal health. Tap water, pollution, inorganic/processed food and even things like stress can be hard for the body to constantly filter, and this is where food can help! Read more


Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

Here is a simple, nutricious & delicious smoothie to power the kids through their school day!

A nutrient-dense smoothie with all the cholesterol-lowering benefits of rolled oats, the healthy brain and skin benefits of blueberries, the potassium and magnesium of banana, the the vitamins A and C of  mixed greens.   Not only will this drink keep you satisfied like oatmeal, you’ll get a few servings of fruit and vegetables too! Read more

Thank You Canadian Farmers

organic farmer 2

For Canada Day I would like to thank our Canadian Farmers & Producers who work so hard to create the produce, free range organic meats, Ocean Wise seafood, organic flours, maple syrup … allowing us to create a truly great Canadian Pizza! Read more

Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy Canada Day

Did you know that Canada is an Aboriginal word meaning “village”? The name Canada comes from a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word, kanata, meaning “village” or “settlement.” Pretty cool!

It got me thinking what a huge, diverse & beautiful village Canada is. Our mountains, forests, lakes, wildlife & oceans are bountiful but because we live with them everyday we often take them for granted. Canada Day is a great way to make us stop and remember our wonderful village & remind ourselves we need to protect it for future generations.

canadian wilderness

So this weekend Rocky Mountain Flatbread shall be giving 10% of all sales from our daily flatbread specials to CPAWS – allowing them to continue their wonderful work to protect our wilderness and wildlife & to say Happy Birthday Canada! You too can make a small donation to  to say happy birthday Canada!

Read more

Canmore Uncorked Food & Drink Festival, April 3rd – 12th

Canmore Uncorked

The Canmore Rocky Mountain Flatbread team is excited to be a part of Uncorked Food & Drink Festival, April 3rd – 12th.

Chef Kyle Maier has created a unique & delicious three course feast with lots of vegetarian and gluten free options.

Here is a video of Kyle in action creating Medalions of Alberta Pork Tenderloin drizzled with a Dried Cherry & Red Wine Reduction.

And here is a sneak peak of our Uncorked Menu:  Read more