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Our frozen pizzas are perfect to pull out the freezer for a quick dinner after a busy day. You can pick them up at any health food store such as Choices, Wholefoods, Nesters or at any of our restaurants.

And I have put together a few simple nutricious (full of protein & fibre) side dishes which can be prepared in just a few minutes which perfectly balance pizza.  A Spinach & Chickpea Salad & Roasted Veggie Dish. Read more

Cooking With Wild Spring Greens

Wild Spring Greens

People have been harvesting & cooking with wild Spring Greens throughout the centuries to add flavour & nutrition to soups, salads, pastas, and more.

Spring Wild Greens are reknown for their cleansing & detox properties & include:  Dandelions, wild garlic, wild onions, watercress & fiddleheads, nettles.

It is super important to know that fiddleheads & nettles can not be eaten raw they must be cooked first.

Here are some really simple recipes for sautéed fiddleheads & boiling nettles which will add some fun to your Spring recipes.

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Rosehips - rich in Vitamin C

It was an honour to join Lori Synder for a walk at Olympic Village – foraging for plants & learning all about their medicinal & nutritional value.

This foraging class was one of 12 cooking & gardening classes being facilitated by EarthBites this fall. 100% of proceeds from these awesome classes will be used to connect Vancouver students with their food. Read more

Canning Made Easy

pickled beans

Many of our fall foods are easily preserved for the lean winter months. Preserving can be done in ways such as canning, freezing, drying or curing. These are traditional methods that our ancestors used safely for thousands of years. The recent industrialization of food production has replaced these traditional techniques with chemical preservatives to extend the shelf life of our foods. As a huge supporter of seasonal eating, Rocky Mountain Flatbread hosted a canning workshop  on Thursday, September 18th

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Peach & Coconut Smoothie Recipe

peach smoothie recipe

Rehydrate with this delicious coconut water peach smoothie recipe.

Peel 2 B.C. peaches

Add 1 cup coconut-water

tear up 2 to 3 mint leaves

throw in 1 cup of ice

And … blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy! Read more

DIY Microgreens on your window sill

micro green harvest

This week, Earth Bite’s student gardeners planted microgreens to sell at their upcoming winter pocket market.

With just a few easy steps, you too can grow your own micro greens at home.   A great way to save money on this nutritious treat, and observe the first steps of germination with your family. Read more