Rocky Mountain Flatbread | Going Green | Carbon Neutral

Going Green

going green

To Rocky Mountain Flatbread going green means taking responsibility for the impact our daily restaurant operations have on the environment & making positive contributions in our communities. 

We believe every small action we implement makes a difference.  Rocky Mountain Flatbread is proud to say all of our restaurants are now carbon neutral (maybe even carbon positive).


Calculate our Carbon Footprint:
Once a year with Climate Smart we calculate our carbon footprint as a group of restaurants.

Simple In-house Innovations:
We constantly search for simple innovations to reduce our carbon footprint.  Using non-toxic paints, buying local seasonal produce, buying Ocean Wise seafood, recycling, composting, using green cleaning products, using biodegradable take out containers, using low flush taps & toilets, using reclaimed wood furnishings, following an integrated menu with zero waste.

We offset our carbon with Offsetters, a BC based company that allows you to sponsor local projects. For example, we support green houses in Delta switch from natural gas boilers to a bio-mass boilers with heat trapping curtains.

Pay it forward:
We are always seeking ways to pay it forward.  We have a team of educators that work with students teaching them to grow their own food, create seasonal healthy snacks & run their own pocket markets.